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"Quit Resisting Stress and Unwind It to Enjoy Your Life Again!"

Presented by Kebba Buckley Button, Healthy Happy Loving Life Feb. 25, 2002

Stress can cause damaging health problems, but you can beat it! Changing your perspective on what stress is, plus adding positive skills, can quickly bring back your attitude, joy, and energy. Come and learn specific, easy-to-use tricks to reduce your stress quickly. Learn how to get that just-had-a-vacation feeling without leaving your desk! Learn to truly UNWIND your stress.

About Kebba: Kebba Buckley Button is a masters' degreed scientist, energy transformation expert, and holistic guide. She is a chocolate and coffee advocate and award-winning author. Her books invite you to trade in your stress for energy, claim your Peace Within, and learn to meditate. Her over-500 free articles offer many holistic health topics and ways to handle life and people differently. Kebba's goal is to remove your stress, pain, and fatigue, so you are Healthy, Happy, and Loving Life. Life is to be enjoyed! ********************************* Make reservations for the February 25 event: Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card or PayPal - at the door.


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