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LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day

presented by Nancy Shenker - 

Friday, February 23, 11:30 a.m. - In-person at Gallagher's Grille, 7575 N 16th Street, Phoenix 85020

Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card at the door.

Focusing on LinkedIn, this fun, practical session will show you how you can build awareness, brand reputation, engagement, and new business leads without spending hours and thousands.

You'll learn how to easily craft an online profile that showcases your expertise and personality and leads to trackable new business.

About Nancy:

Nancy is a former C-level marketing executive who launched her own business in 2003 and started utilizing social media in 2005. A self-described "OG of tech," she can track six figures in new revenue to her social media profiles. Her base has been valued at $2M.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, she has also taken graduate courses at NYU and Kellogg (Northwestern). She has written nine books (including two about AI) and has a podcast called "The Silver Hair Playbook: How to Be a Bad-Ass >50."


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