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Networking Event - Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

Your Communications Style Is a Give Away of your Emotional Intelligence

Presented by Michelle Cubas

How you communicate—verbally, non-verbally—indicates to the viewer or listener what to expect from you. Most of the communication is subliminal (below the surface) and visceral (people have emotional reactions.)

Join us for the following learning snippets:

  • Define EI—The 7 Elements of EI

  • How style flexing creates a powerful Impact

  • Empathy wins the day—Kill ‘em with kindness approach

  • Use VMP™ as a tool to boost your positive outcomes—develop your influence factor

We will touch on these elements.

  1. Come for your language tune up—rich v. shallow—words matter.

  2. Learn how to cue up words so that people respond to your requests.

  3. Use proven negotiation keys (contracts, agreements, projects, budgets)

  4. The most used style

  5. How to communicate with anyone.

About Michelle

She is a formally trained and certified coach focused on individual and group business development.

“The one with the shortest learning curve LEADS!™” Michelle Cubas

Using her mantra, Michelle Cubas directly links literacy to performance and results for all participants. She is a formally trained and certified business coach, organizational facilitator, behavior analyst, dynamic entrepreneur, and accomplished writer. Michelle inspires leaders to manage by values-driven principles. Her award-winning brand marketing, public relations and corporate communications expertise is forged from these principles.

Emotional intelligence builds healthy group environments, so people can actually think, flourish, and be critical thinkers. “My clients achieve success by remaining above the task level where the perspective is; coaching supports their path to get there. Triumph resides in values alignment of personal and professional objectives.”

Her award-winning ideas have served companies such as Toshiba Computers and The City of Phoenix.

From Oak Park, Michigan, Michelle moved to California with her two children. She was determined to land a public relations and marketing position; she did both: (1) In the news bureau at First Interstate Bancorp, now Wells Fargo, and (2) Toshiba Computers marketing communications where she honed her technical marketing skills. Project management and team leading trade shows, product promotion, video and digital photography for the department, Michelle was recognized with the Vice President’s Award for Excellence.

In 1995, she moved to Arizona and launched her coaching practice in Scottsdale. Today, she and her husband live in Peoria, Arizona. Michelle enjoys travel, sailing and reading.

She is a collaborative author of Thriving in the Midst of Change and Magnetic Leadership. Companies use her book as a baseline strategy to move their teams forward.

Make your reservations through Joan Howard 602.725.3246 or

Luncheon and speaker is $21 cash or check at the door.

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