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Success Without Sacrifice: How to Love Yourself Successful by Marilynn sonier

Friday, May 27 - Scott's Generations, 742 E. Glendale Avenue, Phoenix

$25 check/cash at the door | $26 CC or PayPal

Learn how to prioritize your health and happiness without letting anyone down.

Discover the number-one thing that holds entrepreneurs back and how to eliminate it.

Reignite your passion for your business when you ditch the hustle and grind mentality and do these two things instead.

About Marilynn:

Becoming a new mom and running a business left Marilynn Reis Sonier feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unhappy. 

She knew there was a way to stay true to herself, her dreams, enjoy motherhood, and level up in her business, and she found it!

Now, Marilynn’s passionate about helping business-owning moms find balance by making simple, but powerful life shifts. 

Her approach to business, motherhood, and self-care has women loving who they see in the mirror, and kissing mom guilt goodbye!

Marilynn is a devoted wife and mother of two residing in Phoenix.

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