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What Women Want - Capturing the Female Market

Presented by Cathy Droz

NEW LOCATION - George & Dragon English Pub, 4240 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

$25 cash or check / $26 CC or PayPal

 In today's competitive marketplace, understanding your target audience is paramount to success. For far too long, businesses have catered primarily to the male consumer, overlooking the immense purchasing power and unique preferences of women. However, the tides are shifting, and those who can tap into the female psyche will unlock a goldmine of opportunity.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the void or pain point then empower yourself "to be the change."

  • Understand that women want an experience when buying a product or service.

  • Shatter the myth that men and women think and buy alike, 

Get ready to redefine your approach and watch your business soar to new heights. Cathy will cover these timely topics:

  • Gender Pricing Disparity

  • The Importance of Experience over Sales Pitch

  • Buying Power of Women

  • Gender Imbalance in Corporate Boards

  • Best Companies for Customer Experience

  • Treating Nonprofits Like For-profit Entities

About Cathy Droz, A Trailblazer in the Automotive Industry

Cathy Droz is an accomplished automotive journalist, author, speaker, trainer, and consultant. Known as a disruptor in the automotive dealership industry, Cathy authored "A Woman's Guide to Buying a Car with Confidence and Street Smarts: Don't Let These High Heels Fool You." Her mission extends beyond writing, as she actively teaches male-dominated businesses how to attract and sell to female buyers.

A New York native, Cathy has been an entrepreneur for 32 years, carving out a significant niche in the automotive world. She has test-driven over 700 vehicles, sharing her insights on social media and reviews on her YouTube channel, HER Certified. Cathy's dedication to her work is driven by her goal to inspire other women to thrive in male-dominated industries with grace, confidence and empathy.

With just a high school diploma and a lot of confidence, Cathy has built a remarkable 50-year business career. She shares her wealth of experience through training sessions, speaking engagements, and her favorite role, emceeing. She puts on events at dealerships for women only that includes speakers, wine and networking. 

Her mother's advice, "Stop complaining, be part of the solution," has been a guiding principle in her life. While her journey hasn't been easy, the desire to leave a legacy for her daughters and granddaughters in the auto industry motivates her daily.  

For more information about Cathy Droz, visit:


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