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7 Steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.:One Woman's Journey by Mary Jo West

In 1976 Mary Jo West became the first woman to anchor a newscast in Phoenix with CBS affiliate Channel 10. Her broadcasting partner was Bill Close, a Valley institution even then. But Mary Jo was never merely a groundbreaking journalist. From the beginning, she was taken into the hearts of viewers in a manner that rendered her larger than life. Her painful breakup with her first husband fed the local gossip grist mills for months. When she sang Maria's role in The Sound of Music for the Phoenix Little Theatre, people flocked to the show in such numbers that the production became the most successful ever mounted in the company's sixty-year history.'

Luncheon is $22 at the door / $23 credit card.

Bring lots of business

cards, energy, and a smile.

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