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How to Take Charge of Your Own Health by Dr. Louise Gutkowski

Friday, August 25 - Phoenix City Grille, 16th Street and Bethany Home Road, Phoenix

Learn how to lower cholesterol naturally and at the same time decrease inflammation.

How about a one-minute exercise that may help osteoporosis and is equal to 53 minutes of walking!

You've probably heard of PRObiotics and how they help the gut. What about PREbiotics? How you can reduce cravings / addictions.

About Louise

Dr. Gutowski is a naturopathic physician, trained as a specialist in natural healing methods, specializing in homeopathy, treating both acute and chronic diseases. She graduated in 1990 from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, and in 1995 completed her Fellowship in Family Medicine and Minor Surgery.

She and her husband, Walter who is a chiropractor, have a patent pending homeopathic formula for cravings and addictions that has been helpful for many people. They work together in Scottsdale. She can be reached at her office at 480.315.6500 or cell 480.205.0863.


Make reservations (lunch and speaker is $22 check or cash / $23 credit card at the door) for the August 25 meeting at the Phoenix City Grille by noon on August

24 to President Joan Howard at 602.725.3246 or

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