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Your Purpose-Driven Path: How to Reinvent Yourself with a Fulfilling, Purpose-Driven Calling!

by Veronika Winski of The Dream Life Formula


Make reservations for the April 30 event: Luncheon is $22 by check or cash / $23 with credit card or PayPal - at the door. There is no cost for virtual attendance, but Impact will certainly appreciate your donations to AZ Gives so we can continue to bring you programming and continue to help educate women for success.



In her energizing and information packed talks Veronika will be sharing with your audience powerful knowledge that can ignite

within them a spark they thought was long gone. You will receive:

* Awareness of where they stand in their own way of aligning with a purpose-driven calling. * Simple techniques that they can implement immediately to create a positive momentum in the direction of their purpose-driven path! * Opening up to new possibilities for a joyful purpose-driven Life!

About Veronika:

Veronika Winski is also known as the Queen of Reinvention!

Having been in the corporate world before, she now is helping professional women reinvent themselves by remembering their purpose-driven calling that employs their brightest talents and abilities and opens doors to unprecedented opportunities, growth fulfillment, and joy.

For more information, check out Email:


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