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Staying Focused: Prioritizing What Matters Most

Presented by Connie Kadansky, MCC

Friday, May 26, 11:30 a.m.

In-person at Gallagher's Grille

7575 N 16th Street, Phoenix 85020

Make reservations for the event:

Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card at the door.

Are you tired of constantly being pulled away from what truly matters In life by the endless distractions of technology? Do you find It difficult to stay focused and achieve your goals in a world filled with constant interruptions?

Join us to learn:

1) The root cause of distractions

2) Technique to get started on a project that you are procrastinating on

3) How to respond to internal and external triggers

Start living a more focused and fulfilling life.

About Connie

Connie Kadansky, a Master Certified Coach, is back at Impact. She shared her experience training with the Women in Parliament in Rwanda during her last appearance.

She services clients who are looking to boost their sales, increase productivity, and stay focused on their priorities. She has noticed that many of them struggle with distractions, both internal and external, that are hindering their success.

The adage "The Teacher Teaches what the Teacher needs to learn" holds true for Connie, as she, too has struggled with distractions. However, she has recently completed an online course with Nir Eyal, the bestselling author of "Indistractable", and will share the key insights she gained that have convinced her to stop letting distractions stand in the way of achieving her goals.


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