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Leadership that is Resilient, Responsive, & Nonreactive

Presented by Sara Regester of Directions 4 Wellness LLC

11:00 a.m, Friday, May 28, 2021

Get Zoom info for the Friday, May 24 virtual event. Zoom attendees are asked to donate through AZGives.

Click here to get Zoom login information

In-person at Phoenix City Grille: $22 by check or cash at the door.


The Program

Create Resilient Leadership at home and at work where you can respond to the common stress triggers that wipe out your energy.

• Empowered Communication techniques

• Practices to stay centered, focused and productive

• Overcoming Screen-time burnout

• The secret to maintaining your internal motivation to enrich your health, your work fulfillment and your happiness

About Sara:

Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert, Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and founder of Directions 4 Wellness an international Health and Wellness Practice.

Sara is a Phoenix native and former Registered Nurse for 27 years at a local Medical Center, Sara burned out and wiped out her health multiple times from her stress as a nurse until she discovered the secret to mind-body-spirit Healing. Sara has studied a very ancient lineage of Shamanism for 18 years and now teaches Shamanism for personal development internationally. Sara uses her unique mind-body-spirit practices to bring highly transformational experiences for her clients and the groups she works with.

Download her free e-book: How to Grow from Your Stress


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