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How Do You Stay Relevant and Remembered?

Presented by Michelle Cubas - March 31, 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

We'll be at Gallagher's Grille, 7575 N. 16th St., Phoenix.

Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card at the door.

Richard Feyderman wrote, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out! A NASA advisor, genius, and troubleshooter after the Challenger explosion, Richard attributes his desire to learn from his father’s encouragement to find out how things work.

Adopting this outlook can serve you well and provides a “breadcrumb” you leave behind to be remembered.

It’s difficult to be objective about one’s own image and traits.

If you would enjoy a 30-minute complimentary connection, please call her at 480.510.7166 to schedule a time.

About Michelle Cubas, CPCC, SMC - Positive Potentials LLC

Michelle is a formally trained and certified business coach, behavior analyst, and dynamic entrepreneur. She recently earned a certification in agile project management called SCRUM. This new skill adds value to Michelle’s client projects.

She offers award-winning, brand marketing, public relations and corporate communications expertise with two decades of experience. Michelle consults with fledgling and international corporations, inspires business leaders to manage by values-driven principles and supports individual seeking life and career fulfillment.


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