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Feel Open instead of Overwhelmed about Technology (Release Tech Resistance)

Friday, April 29, 11:30 a.m.

In-person at Scott's Generations, 742 E Glendale Ave, Ste 142, Phoenix 85020

Note new location!

Make reservations for the April 29 event:

Tell us if you practice a vegetarian diet.

Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card or PayPal - at the door.

Note new pricing for 2022!

Feel Open Instead of Overwhelmed about Technology (Release Tech Resistance)

In this presentation you will learn:

-What is Tech Resistance (and how does it show up in your life and business)

-5 Secrets to Release your Tech Resistance

-How to feel Curious, Confident and Capable about technology

About Bex:

Bex Beltran is a resistance coach, podcast host and journal creator. She believes the only thing that holds us back in our lives is our own resistance, so her work is to help people recognize the resistance that is holding them back and release it so they can have what they want in their lives and businesses.

The podcast is called Release Your Resistance.

Bex attained her Life Coach Certification in 2019. Prior to that she enjoyed a long and varied career, mostly in Adult Education, with a sprinkling in some other areas including Real Estate, Training and Tutoring. Bex lives in Gilbert AZ. Her favorite hobbies are journaling, listening to podcasts while walking and learning and trying out new business and technology tips.


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