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Annual Scholarship Event

In June, we honor our scholarship recipients and the organizations that support them. Make reservations for the June 24 event: (Please let us know early!)

Luncheon is $25 by check or cash / $26 with credit card or PayPal - at the door. A team of Impact attendees met and discussed options for our scholarship monies to be awarded for the Spring Semester 2022. We had a balance of $10,000+ in the scholarship account (this is separate from Quarter Club) and decided to keep back $4,000 as seed for the next year. Who knows what the economy will bring? Our final plan:

Next, we partnered with Unlimited Potential to assist re-entry women pay for their GED testing through our Quarter Club. As we have done with Friendly House in the past, the students will be required to pay for their first test on their own. The organization will notify us as funds are needed.


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