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"Change Your Mindset. Energize Your Life!" by Angel Marie Monachelli

Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Friday, July 31 Click here to get Zoom login information.

Change Your Mindset. Energize Your Life!

Be your own superhero. Slash anxiety. Navigate mindfulness. In this power-packed session, participants are encouraged, uplifted, and inspired. Powerful superheroes do not worry about stress, they shine with their own inner confidence. We will join together and learn to see anxiety as an energy that can be managed. Angel Marie helps you to understand that you can shift your mindset to create a different outcome. Remember, your mind is like a sponge and you can absolutely control what it absorbs. Click here to visit the Impact webpage for meeting details. About Angel Marie: Angel Marie Monachelli has been helping people to feel better since she was a child, her Mom always says, “You spread joy everywhere you go, little one!” Creator of the Shine On! Movement™ and the Elite Reiki Healing System™, she helps others achieve their goals, have more confidence, energy, and joy. That is why for over 20 years, she has provided empowerment coaching, and reiki healing, as well as sharing the Shine On! philosophy through writing and speaking. (You can find more about it in her award-winning and best-selling book SHINE ON!) Angel Marie is a transformational speaker and is well known for her energetic presence and engaging exercises while providing her audiences simple tools that empower them to claim their purpose, manifest positive relationships, and connect to their unique and authentic self.

Contact Angel at Angel Marie Shines: 623.334.3393

Make reservations for the July event to Send along your business card with the reservation, and we'll post it as you give your 30-second commercial.

Bring your energy and a smile for the camera. Donate towards our "Educating Women for Success" program through AZGives.

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