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Breaking Barriers through Mental Toughness & Resilient Health by Darrina Bledsoe

Get closer to your business goals! Luncheon: $22 cash or check at the door / $23 credit card

Phoenix City Grille, 5816 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016 A resilient mindset contributes to success in life, work, and relationships. Learn skills to break barriers and build mental toughness. Strengthen your mindset and create a wealthy, successful, and empowered life! Darrina Bledsoe is half of The Bledsoe Sister's, mental health experts whose mission is to EMPOWER others through resiliency and mental toughness. Their goal is to Empower El Mundo (Empower the World) by building wealth, success, and power through their executive coaching. Having played collegiate basketball, Darrina and Deana, they learned how to emphasize the mind and body connection related to overall wellness. They strive to strengthen one’s mental wellness and understand resiliency in an innovative and exciting way. The goal is to walk tall and empowered ready for a successful lifestyle! About Darrina: Darrina Bledsoe, along with her sister Deana, provides care as a mental health professional in the Valley of the Sun. The sister team has experience as mental health counselors trained in cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral therapy, trauma-based practices, and psychotherapy. They have worked with psychiatric disorders, substance abuse issues, and the seriously mentally ill from all backgrounds as young as age 3 to age 90. Bledsoe Empower has provided keynote and motivational speaking for healthcare companies, corporations, universities and schools, and many more in the community. Their experience in sports at a high-level combined with mental health training creates a unique and dynamic approach to feel in power and live empowered! Check out the sister team on social media on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @EmpowerElMundo and podcast on Apple and Spotify.

Make reservations (luncheon is $22 cash or check / $23 credit card at the door) for the July event by August 29 to our reservation line: 601.861.5323 or email

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