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The "IMPACT" of Your Sweet Spot by Jo Ann Musolf

Luncheon is $22 cash or check; $23 credit card or PayPal at the door.

What's your sweet spot? How often do you live in it and use it to make an IMPACT on your business and your relationships.

Dr Seltzer says, just like Goldilocks, once you locate your sweet spot it won't be too hot, or too cold, too light or too heavy, too easy or too hard, too mild or too harsh, too early or too late, or—perhaps most commonly—too little or too much.

Come prepared to share your sweet spot with your Impact members and friends.

JoAnne Musolf is an executive coach who specializes in sweet-talking and "butt-kicking" clients to make major changes that have kept them from living in their sweet spots. She will lead the discussion using her personal sweet spot— "Wit and Wisdom." Her book— "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"—is an Amazon Best Seller. Life, Business, Education, and Cultural Changes

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