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Become Financially Free in Your Own Business is 3 Years or Less by Jeff Fagin

Friday, May 26, 2017, 11:30 a.m., Phoenix City Grille, 16th Street and Bethany Home Rd., Phoenix

Contact Joan Howard for reservations: 602.725.3246 or

$22 at the door, cash or check or

$23 on PayPal

Everyone talks about having a business ... when in fact ... they're self employed!

Once we're done you'll understand the difference between earning a living and creating wealth. You'll recognize the importance of creating multiple streams of passive income and the strategies that can get you there the fastest!

You'll know what being an entrepreneur really means and how you can leverage today's technology to create your wealth faster than you ever dreamed possible.

About Jeff:

Jeff Fagin is a Street Smart entrepreneur, investor, and coach who has over 40 years of business, management and marketing experience. He helped build Peak Potentials Training into one of the world's largest business and personal success training companies.

In addition, he has built and led numerous other successful businesses. Today, he buys, sells and manages cash flowing websites for investors through his company, Cloud Income Properties. He's also helping hundreds of people learn how to live the "laptop" lifestyle and make money online through his "Team Bora Bora."

Find Jeff at:

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