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Why Know Your (SOS) WHY? by Christi McMurdie

June 24, 11:30 a.m., Phoenix City Grille,

Luncheon is $22 at the door, check or cash.

*Learn the impact of the WHY Movement started by Simon Sinek

*Understand the importance of knowing your own Sub Operating System (SOS) WHY

*Embrace how your communication can improve by discovering your SOS WHY

*Find out how you can discover your SOS WHY and to attract best clients

*Get simple steps to hear your own and other's SOS WHY

About Cristi:

Cristi B. McMurdie, Owner of MCMURDIE LAW, WHYMEDIATE Mediation Services & WHYCOACHING.

Cristi McMurdie freely shares her passion on the topic of knowing your WHY, first promoted by Simon Sinek. Cristi has spoken to many organizations and workshops on Starting with WHY and Knowing Your WHY since her 2014 WHYcoach training. Cristi McMurdie has consistently provided exceptional legal representation for her clients since 1995 in the arena of family law. Cristi is owner of Tempe-based McMurdie Law Office, PC, WHYMediate Mediation Services and WHYCOACH Coaching Services. The major focus of McMurdie Law is to provide expert conflict resolution, mediation and limited scope representation family representation. Cristi expertly adds WHY coaching in mediation to increase the communication between the parties in dispute.

Since 1993, Cristi McMurdie has been a consistent member of the Arizona Bar, and since 1997 a consistent member of Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators. Cristi is a fully certified business and life coach through the Adler School of Professional Coaching, with additional certifications from Dream University to coach both groups and WHYcoaching. Cristi McMurdie is a member of professional associations including Eliances, Sisterhood of Happiness, NAWBO, and active in the Tempe, Ahwatukee, and Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

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