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Unlimited Potential::


Since 1985, the mission of Unlimited Potential has been to strengthen individuals and families in south
Phoenix through literacy, education and self-empowerment. Their participants are low-income, underserved population, predominantly Latino families who are struggling to master the English language. They offer English literacy and GED classes to adults and early childhood workshops to preschool children to prepare them for kindergarten and future academic success.


They have a unique, and proven, dual language approach to literacy that encourages participants to speak, read and write their native language as well as English. They also encourage parents to read to their children in both languages. 



Friendly House: 


What started in 1920 as an Americanization Agency, a local initiative providing educational resources to refugees, has evolved into a multi-service organization with wide-ranging programs aimed at addressing the pressing needs of our diverse community. Over the years, their efforts have resulted in building resilient communities that are helping to spur economic development, stabilize neighborhoods and revitalize the city.

Their programs focus on four major pillars of service- Education, Workforce Development, Family Services and Immigration- each comprising of resources to support individual and community growth.


Maricela Reed  602-257-1870 x 226


If anyone wants to speak and share her career information with women at Friendly House, please get in touch with Maricela. They are eager for role models.


Join our Quarter Club Today - $25 will grow our funding for helping these women.



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