IMPACT for Enterprising Women meets at the Phoenix City Grille, 5816 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 the last Friday of each month (January through October) with a holiday luncheon the first Friday of December.

IMPACT for Enterprising Women

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presented by 

Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D.

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The Presentation

We all know that "Apps" and "Emojis" are symbolic forms of communication in today's society. By creating your Pathway to Success Map, you will be able to activate your own Apps and Emojis that will open a wealth of inner files for generating  goals, identifying obstacles, and awakening inner resources  in our quest for personal a business success. 

About Joyce

Dr. Joyce C. Mills is the Founder of StoryPlay® Global, author of eight books, including "Reconnecting to the Magic of Life."  With “resiliency” and “creativity” at the heart of her approaches, Dr. Mills is considered an expert in metaphorical interventions and communication.  An internationally recognized storyteller, consultant, workshop leader, program development specialist, and keynote speaker Dr. Mills will inspire audiences to see beyond what they see with their everyday eyes, and see with the full vision of their heart.  

For more information about Dr. Mills, please contact her directly at: 602-923-2704. Email:

This will be a virtual meeting. Click below to get Zoom info for the Friday, April 24 virtual event presented by Cary Pfeffer


From looking your best to getting your message across well, video meetings will continue to be a staple of the business world.

Learn how to be your best in the virtual meetings of today from communications expert Cary Pfeffer.

About Cary:
From top executives and political leaders to television personalities and sports legends, Cary Pfeffer has provided direction and advice to make sure each of them is better at telling their story. For 16 years Cary has run his Phoenix-based firm, ClearComm Consulting. 

Before opening his consulting practice, he spent more than 20 years as a news reporter and anchor, listening to newsmakers and everyday people tell their stories. Storytelling is so important to Cary that he wrote an award-winning book designed to help people tell their story. “There’s Not an App for That!” chronicles strategies and approaches anyone can use to connect.

In Cary’s world, when we are at our best we connect.

Make reservations (luncheon is $22 cash or check / $23 credit card at the door) for the March event by March 26 to our reservation line: 601.861.5323 or email to

Chances are pretty good you've listened to at least one podcast. For those who are newbies, a podcast is simply an audio program streamed over the internet or delivered as a downloadable file. Think old-timey radio shows. There are podcasts on every topic imaginable. Access is free with your Apple devices and via many other channels.

More importantly, podcasts are one of the best ways to get visibility for your business, either as the expert host, or as an expert guest on other people's podcasts.

So ... come ready to listen to short clips of a few podcasts, and then tell us what your podcast topic could/would/will be.

We'll talk about the basics for getting started and answer any questions you might have.

About Laura

Laura Orsini is an author, speaker, publisher, and self-described social alchemist. New and established authors hire her to help them identify their ideal readers and streamline their marketing processes so that they can sell more books. Her mission is to change the world one book at a time – and to dismantle the self-sabotaging belief that people must be trained writers in order to publish good books.

February 28, 2020 11:30 a.m.
Phoenix City Grille
$22 cash or check / $23 credit card at the door.

This interactive talk is offered in a workshop format where the participants learn specific strategies for presence, mindfulness and stress resilience so they can get out of resistance of that push-pull energy that keeps them stuck, distracted, procrastinating and uninspired and create the life that they desire. 

This program teaches women leaders how to create more confidence and courage to step into new opportunities for career, relationships and health in alignment with your authentic gifts and purpose so you can feel more energized, more focused and fulfilled in your life. Learning how to respond to stress rather than react to stress is essential in leadership. 

• Tips on how to meet stress successfully when stress triggers hit without wiping yourself out
• Change how you think about stress and leverage it as an opportunity to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone into the life you really want 
• Learn how you can meet stress with confidence and courage to respond to challenges successfully 
• Strategies to overturn your negative inner dialogue so you can turn up the volume to hear your wise intuitive voice
• Be more present, mindful and neutral  in your communication so you can creatively respond to your triggers and stay out of emotional reactivity and energy loss 
• Be a Stress Responder and not a Stress Reactor
• The secret to prioritizing competing priorities in a 24-hour day so you can focus on what really matters

About Sara:

Sara Regester, Registered Nurse, Stress Expert and Integrative Health Coach, supports success driven individuals to free themselves from the push-pull of resistance that keeps them stressed out and stuck in the comfort zone unable to create the vision and fulfillment they desire from their work, their relationships and their health. 

Her interactive workshop "Stress Mastery from Feeling Stuck to Feeling Free" offers an inspiring approach to create Stress Resilience so you can learn how to condition stress as a challenge to meet and break the habit of the fight or flight stress response. 
Find more about Sara at
She leads highly transformational programs for individuals, groups and companies that empower leaders to become stress-resilient. Unique mind-body-spirit techniques, that come from years of studying indigenous healing, are embedded into her programs for a holistic approach to rewire mindset and lifestyle. Sara trains leaders how to be stress responders and innovative problem solvers so they can be less reactive and more confident in their leadership. 

Sara is a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach and is a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She is part of a specialized team bringing Whole Health Coaching and mindfulness practices to the Veterans Administration nationally through the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation. 

Sara is the founder of Directions 4 Wellness, an international health and lifestyle-consulting practice.

Make reservations (luncheon is $22 cash or check / $23 credit card at the door) for the February event by February 27 to our reservation line: 601.861.5323 or email to

Bring lots of business cards, your energy, and a smile.
Phoenix City Grille, 5816 N. 16th Street, Phoenix.

by Julie Jakubek, Allstate Agency Owner

Join us on January 31, 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at

the Phoenix City Grille, 5816 N 16th St, Phoenix

Make reservations (luncheon is $22 cash or check / $23 credit card at the door) for the January event by January 30 to our reservation line: 601.861.5323 or email to

Is there a secret sauce to building a successful business? If anyone should know it's Julie Jakubek, MBA. In this fun, entertaining and idea filled presentation.

Julie will share her strategy for becoming the #3 Allstate Agency owner in 2009 out of 10,000 offices. These tips are easy to implement for any business owner to create a consistently high-income generating business.

You will learn...
1.  Proven strategies to build a thriving business
2.  Vital tactics to build financial independence
3.  Recommendations to maintain a healthy work-life balance

About Julie

Julie’s life experiences has enabled her to build a successful business by moving through challenges with determination and purpose.  She shares her wisdom with others who are motivated to change their financial stability.

Julie is passionate about assisting people dealing with their emotions around money by offering free courses at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and local venues.  Julie’s sense of humor, kind heart and genuine caring for others have been the building blocks over the past 24 years of her successful Allstate Agency.

 Julie loves being outdoors especially hiking with her son, Jacob and daughter, Abby.


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