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Creating Your Pathway to Success Map

presented by

Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D.

Click below to get Zoom login information for the Friday, May 29, virtual event.

The Presentation

We all know that "Apps" and "Emojis" are symbolic forms of communication in today's society. By creating your Pathway to Success Map, you will be able to activate your own Apps and Emojis that will open a wealth of inner files for generating goals, identifying obstacles, and awakening inner resources in our quest for personal a business success.

About Joyce

Dr. Joyce C. Mills is the Founder of StoryPlay® Global, author of eight books, including "Reconnecting to the Magic of Life." With “resiliency” and “creativity” at the heart of her approaches, Dr. Mills is considered an expert in metaphorical interventions and communication. An internationally recognized storyteller, consultant, workshop leader, program development specialist, and keynote speaker Dr. Mills will inspire audiences to see beyond what they see with their everyday eyes, and see with the full vision of their heart.

For more information about Dr. Mills, please contact her directly at: 602-923-2704. Email:

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